Typescript Union Keys And Make Uncommon Keys Optional

type A = {name: string}
type B = {name: number}
type C = {name: string , age:number}
type D = {name: string , age:string}
type E = {name: string , address:string}

type Prettify<T extends Record<string, unknown>> = { [K in keyof T]: T[K] }

type UnionKeysAndMakeUncommonKeysOptional<
T extends Record<string, unknown>[],
ACC extends Record<string, unknown>={},
UncommonKeyACC extends string = never
> = T extends []
? Prettify<Omit<ACC, UncommonKeyACC> & Partial<Pick<ACC, UncommonKeyACC>>>
: T extends [infer R, ...infer S extends Record<string, unknown>[]]
? UnionKeysAndMakeUncommonKeysOptional<
{ [K in keyof R | keyof ACC]: R[K & keyof R] | ACC[K & keyof ACC] },
Exclude<keyof ACC | keyof R, keyof ACC & keyof R> & string
: never

type result = UnionKeysAndMakeUncommonKeysOptional<[A,B,C,D,E]>
// {
// name: string | number;
// age?: string | number;
// address?: string;
// }


require TS 4.7 and set exactOptionalPropertyTypes to true



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