Typescript Make Some Key Optional

Acid Coder
Jun 27, 2022


How to make specific keys optional, hard mode(without any utilities)

type ExcludeKey<T extends Record<string,unknown>, U extends keyof T>={
[K in keyof T as K extends U ? never : K]: T[K]
type MakeKeyOptional<T extends Record<string,unknown>, U extends keyof T>=ExcludeKey<T,U> & {[K in U]?:T[K]}type A = MakeKeyOptional<{a:1,b:2,c:3},"b"|"c">const a1:A = {a:1} // ok!
const a2:A = {a:1,b:2} // ok!
const a3:A = {a:1,b:2,c:3} // ok!
const a4:A = {b:2,c:3} // expect error!


easy mode (with utilities)

type MakeKeyOptional<T extends Record<string, unknown>, U extends keyof T> = Omit<T, U> & Partial<Pick<T, U>>;



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